Power Point’s Response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

The law regarding mask wearing has changed but as a family run business our priority is still to keep family members, employees and everyone in the many homes we visit safe and so from July 19th 2021 our engineers will still be wearing masks and appropriate PPE when entering anyone’s home and will still require the following of both private residents and tenants before we enter:

  • Everyone must still disclose if there is anyone at the address who is showing signs of covid, have either been asked/required to self-isolate, have returned from abroad in the last 10 days or who has been in close contact with anyone they know to be either positive for coronavirus or is waiting on the result of a PCR test. If anything changes between when the initial questions being asked and the time of the appointment you must contact us immediately on 01452 730874 to advise us. There is a voicemail and messages can be left 24/7.
  • Work surfaces around the faulty appliance must still be wiped down and sanitised prior to our visit.
  • We will still ask that a mask be worn when greeting the engineer and taking them to the faulty appliance.
  • We will still require you to wait in a different room to the appliance allowing us to create a safe working environment for the engineer.

We understand that not everyone shares our views however we do not believe the above to be a huge ask and that the requirements are easy to follow. We are in and out of a lot of homes each day and believe that the vast majority of people will appreciate our continued efforts to protect their health and will be happy to comply with the above in order to get their appliances fixed.

If during your appointment anyone at the address appears to be showing symptoms of the virus which were not disclosed during the appointment booking or prior to us arriving, or if our engineers do not have a clear and sanitised area to work in, then they may at their discretion not complete the work and arrange instead for it to be rebooked. You will be charged £25.00 call-out fee for this visit.

We thank you for your continued support & understanding.